Hi. I'm Jenn.

I want to start a conversation with you by sharing a bit about my herstory and journey to inner peace. Thank you in advance for listening and reading.

From 2004 through 2021, I had a crazy 17-year transformative period that took from being a top saleswoman in television advertising for a media company that had stations throughout the country (WSAZ/Emmis Communications) stressed out and chronically ill, to a completely transformed agent sharing peace practices and a wellness-oriented lifestyle. 

My journey was a lot more complicated than these few words but we can save that for another time. (My guess is you have your own version of this and I'd love to get to know you better and hear more.)

I teach these lifestyle and peace practices through:

  • Restorative Yoga at The Yoga Sanctuary
  • Coaching sessions via The Wisdom Sanctuary to help with life purpose and patterns
  • Holistic Solopreneurs mentoring for wellness-oriented, independently employed entrepreneurs
  • Hosting retreats and workshops focused on peace and wellbeing
  • Currently, launching an initiative to bring fundamental wellbeing and peace practices to the often overlooked and underestimated Appalachian region, called the Inner Peace Sanctuary (this is where you've landed)

I am also an associate of the Fundamental Wellbeing Foundation, an organization that researches fundamental wellbeing. Other words to describe this state are:

  • enlightenment
  • mystical experiences
  • silence beyond sound
  • unity consciousness
  • flow
  • peace that passes understanding
  • and various other names

Fundamental Wellbeing is the term used for the public in this research and includes all of these occasional and sometimes persistent experiences.

The research is oriented around both those who have these experiences occasionally or persistently as well as those who are seeking these experiences or perspective.

The research has shown the methods that reliably transition a person into Fundamental Wellbeing and to stabilize in it as well as optimize it so that eventually seeking and finding becomes exploring the possibilities of what "variety" of Fundamental Wellbeing is desired, how to recognize it and lean into it.

There is the survey, to see where you are in this moment, if you want to take it.

My plan is, through outreach, to educate about peace that is possible via systematic practice, in support to the West Virginia, Southern Ohio and Eastern Kentucky region.

You can learn more about Fundamental Wellbeing and the avid researcher and founder, Dr. Jeffery Martin here in the downloadable resource packet.